Winter Luce Foundation Center Engagement Session, DC | Melissa & Aaron

Set the Scene: An Intimate February Afternoon at the Luce Foundation Center, Washington DC

Picture this: a cozy February afternoon in Washington DC, where love and art intertwine at the Luce Foundation Center. It’s the kind of day that feels like a canvas waiting to be painted with the vibrant hues of Melissa and Aaron’s love story. As their photographer, I couldn’t wait to embark on this adventure with them, capturing every moment against the backdrop of timeless masterpieces and modern marvels. 🎨💖

As we prepared for their engagement session, excitement bubbled up within us, eager to see their story unfold amidst the art-filled halls of the Luce Foundation Center. Stepping into the Luce Foundation Center felt like stepping into another world – a world where art comes alive, and love knows no bounds.

Their Love Story
Alright, buckle up for this one! Melissa and Aaron’s love story is a total gem. Imagine this: a bunch of post-grads doing their thing with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, and BAM – mutual friends spark the beginning of something beautiful between these two. It’s like fate had a hand in bringing them together, and boy, are we grateful for it! 🌟

Melissa shared the story of Aaron’s heartfelt proposal. Despite being in on the ring design, Aaron still managed to surprise her with the perfect moment during a Thanksgiving hike in Oregon. It was a moment filled with joy, laughter, and a touch of surprise – the kind that makes your heart skip a beat. It was a testament to their love story, one filled with unexpected twists and endless love. 💍😍

When it comes to date nights, Melissa and Aaron are all about keeping it real. None of that fancy dinner stuff – they’re all about day dates, hitting up the zoo, grabbing a cold one, and resisting the urge to buy all the cute stuffed animals they come across. Sounds like a blast, right? Melissa sums it up perfectly: “Laughing and silly and happy – that’s our perfect date.”

And let’s not forget about what makes them totally head over heels for each other. Aaron’s response? Classic. “That’s a terrible question, I love everything about you. You’re my best friend.” And Melissa? She can’t stop raving about Aaron’s generosity, his love for his crew, and the fact that they just have SO much fun together. Talk about #relationshipgoals! 💑

Melissa and Aaron
Both of you are an absolute blast to hang out with! Thank you for letting me be a part of your love story – it’s one for the books, no doubt about it. Here’s to countless more adventures, laughs, and maybe even a few stuffed animals along the way! Cheers and congratulations to you both! 🥂

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March 18, 2024

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