Winter Fells Point Engagement, MD | Janine & Joe

Set the Scene: A Breezy Fells Point Adventure

Bundle up, folks! It was a brisk day by the waterfront in Baltimore, and yours truly forgot to factor in the chilly winds blowing off the water. But hey, when you’re in good company like Janine and Joe, the cold becomes just a footnote in the story of their charming engagement session. Let me tell you, Janine and Joe are the kind of couple you instantly click with. From the moment we met, it felt less like a client session and more like a hangout with old friends.

We then kicked off our adventure at Canton Park, braving the winds off the water like true champs. But hey, a little wind can’t stop the magic when you’re in love, right? As we wandered through the enchanting streets of Fells Point, I couldn’t help but marvel at the neighborhood’s historic charm. Those cobblestone streets and charming old buildings tell a tale of Baltimore’s seafaring past, you know? And with the waterfront right there, it was like the universe was conspiring to make Janine and Joe’s engagement session even more magical. It was the perfect setting for their love story to take center stage. And guess what? We even had a surprise cameo from their friends! It was a moment that perfectly encapsulated the warmth and camaraderie of their relationship.

Their Love Story

Their love story is as sweet as it gets. They first crossed paths at Walgreens during their college days, and fast forward to a cozy Tuesday night at home in their pajamas, Joe popped the question. Talk about a perfect blend of surprise and comfort! Their dreams for the future include moving somewhere new, starting a family, and building a life together filled with love and adventure.

Janine and Joe

Thank you so much for letting me be part of your love story! Seriously, hanging out with you two was an absolute blast. Your warmth, laughter, and easygoing nature made the whole session feel like a fun hangout with friends. Congratulations, you two! 🎉🥂

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March 31, 2024

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