Winter Princeton University Couple’s Session, NJ | Nia & Dan

Set the Scene: A Cloudy March Afternoon at Princeton University featuring some snowflakes!

When Nia and Dan, familiar faces from high school reached out for a session a few weeks ago, I was so happy and excited to capture their story. <3 They shared with me in the inquiry form, “Aside from us both knowing you personally, we’ve heard AMAZING reviews from other friends that have also worked with you.” This made me really happy to hear, especially because I not only had the pleasure of capturing their friends Courtney & Dom and Julie & Quinn’s engagement photos, but I am also capturing their weddings this Fall!!

For those of you who don’t know how planning a session with me goes, I have my couples fill out a questionnaire and based off of their responses, I send them a handful of location recommendations. When I sent over locations, Princeton University was the one that Nia fell in love with. Because of a hair appointment and travel timing, this location wouldn’t work for the day of their session so we went with a different one. Well fast forward to the day of their session… the weather had other plans and we ended up rescheduling. Luckily for us, this meant Princeton University was the location we were headed – YAY!

When we got to Princeton, it was your typical chilly March New Jersey day. I don’t know anything about the university’s calendar, but it seemed like we lucked out and were there during a school break! The campus was a ghost town and just about all ours. This day was a weird one, but like in a good way. We got a mix of cloudy skies, some snowflakes, and towards the end the sun peaked out!! Nia and Dan were all smiles and cuteness despite the cold breezes and random snowflakes. I also have to say these two crushed it in front of the camera. They were non stop giggles and smiling at each other; you can tell they’re two peas in a pod.

Their Love Story:
Nia and Dan’s love story is like the plot of your favorite romance movie. These two go way back – like, high school way back. Best friends turned lovers, which is honestly my favorite. Like a true romance movie, it doesn’t start that way. Nia and Dan met in high school and instantly became best friends. Their friendship was so special to Nia that she wasn’t ready to risk losing it. Because of this, Nia played it safe and didn’t give in to her feelings for Dan until after high school and now they’ve been together for almost 5 years!!! 🥹🫶🏼

Nia and Dan are such a fun couple to be around. Before their session, I asked these two what they love about each other and Nia revealed that Dan’s loyalty, sense of humor, and boundless love for everyone steals her heart every single day. As for Dan, he can’t get enough of Nia’s infectious sense of humor, her unwavering love for those close to her, and her unyielding drive that inspires him daily. Ugh these two are the sweetest!

Nia and Dan
It’s been so special getting to capture this moment in time for you two! I loved every second of capturing and witnessing how much love you have for each other and am so glad we got to experience almost every season during your session 🤪 Thank you for being amazing to work with! <3

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April 10, 2024

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