Spring Dumbarton Oaks Garden Engagement Session, DC | McKenzie and Alexander

Set the scene: A Romantic Spring Engagement Session at Dumbarton Oaks Garden

Sometimes, the stars align in the most beautiful ways, and McKenzie and Alexander’s engagement session at Dumbarton Oaks Garden felt like one of those magical moments. From the instant they arrived, it was clear that these two are the epitome of genuine and kind-hearted souls. Their session was a whirlwind of laughter and love, and their level of preparation was next level. McKenzie making sure to bring a comfy change of shoes and mini pocket fan (which I totally ended up buying for myself) were just the start.

Initially, we had planned to shoot in early April, but a rainy forecast made us push it to May. Honestly, it was the best thing that could’ve happened because the gardens were in full, breathtaking bloom. As we explored the lush landscapes, it felt like we had stepped into a storybook setting designed just for them. The entire experience was a testament to the idea that sometimes, a little patience leads to the most perfect outcomes.

Their Love Story

McKenzie and Alex first crossed paths at work, of all places. As the youngest advisors on their policy team, they bonded over shared career ambitions and late-night strategy sessions. It didn’t take long for their professional relationship to bloom into something more. Amidst the deadlines and meetings, they found solace and support in each other, turning work discussions into personal dreams and aspirations.

Their proposal was a surprise straight out of a romantic movie. Alexander planned a weekend getaway to a cozy farmhouse in Northern Virginia, a spot they often frequented for staycations. Upon arrival, Alex suggested a quick walkthrough of the house before bringing their puppy inside. As they stepped inside, McKenzie noticed a trail of rose petals leading to the balcony. On the balcony, under the soft glow of the setting sun, Alexander began a heartfelt speech, professing his love and recounting their journey together.

Then, with a deep breath, he got down on one knee and asked McKenzie to spend forever with him. The moment felt surreal, like a scene from a storybook. Their families emerged from their hiding spots, cheering and applauding. That proposal was epic! Rose petals and a farmhouse? Alex really knows how to make a moment special. It was a weekend of pure bliss, filled with laughter, tears of joy, and endless celebrations.

McKenzie and Alex

Thank you both for letting me capture your incredible love story. Your session was an absolute blast, filled with so much joy and laughter. I swear, we spent half the time laughing and chatting instead of shooting—those are the sessions that really shine! You have this amazing ability to make each other smile effortlessly, and it was a joy to witness. I can’t wait to see where life takes you both, and I’m eagerly anticipating all the adventures that lie ahead. Here’s to a future filled with endless love, countless laughter, and an abundance of happiness. Cheers to McKenzie and Alexander! 🥂🎉

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May 30, 2024

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