Spring 2023 Kean University Senior Graduation Session, NJ | Ashley

Set the Scene: Aspirations and Achievements at Kean University

Kean University in Union, New Jersey, with its sprawling campus and modern facilities, served as the proud backdrop for Ashley’s graduation session this May. Here, amidst the architecture that fosters innovation and learning, Ashley celebrated a significant academic milestone, reflective of her adventurous spirit and ambitious dreams.

Ashley, a 22-year-old adventurer, and dedicated mom, has not only mastered the balancing act of parenthood and rigorous academic pursuits but has also set her sights on the stars—quite literally. As she donned her cap and gown, her eyes were fixed on a future among them, working with NASA and AI, and even donning an astronaut’s suit. This session captured not just a graduate, but a visionary in the making.

Our shoot at Kean University was infused with Ashley’s passion for technology and her adventurous spirit. We captured her in settings that spoke to her dual love of computer science and the cosmos. Each photograph was a testament to her determination to push boundaries, whether coding complex algorithms or exploring the vastness of space.


Ashley, your graduation from Kean University is more than just a personal triumph; it is a beacon of inspiration for young moms and women in STEM everywhere. Your journey, balancing the roles of a student, a mother, and a future trailblazer in AI, is a powerful narrative that I was honored to capture through my lens.

As you continue your education with a Master’s in Computer Information Systems, your dream of contributing to NASA’s mission and perhaps one day traveling beyond our atmosphere is within reach. Your tenacity and vision are as expansive as the universe you wish to explore.

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Ashley. May your journey be as boundless as the cosmos you yearn to navigate, and may your achievements inspire many more to aim for the stars.

Ashley’s graduation session at Kean University is a celebration of her academic accomplishments and her bold aspirations for a future in AI and space exploration. As a New Jersey graduation photographer, I specialize in capturing the essence of each graduate’s unique journey. If you’re a visionary like Ashley, aiming for a career that transcends boundaries, let’s document your milestone in a way that reflects your passion and ambition. Whether it’s a graduation session at Kean University or any other institution, connect with me to create timeless images that will remind you of the day you took one giant leap towards your dreams.

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June 22, 2023

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