Fall Downtown Rutherford Engagement Session, NJ | Tori & Dennis

Set the Scene: A fun pizza filled evening in Downtown Rutherford, NJ

The streets of Downtown Rutherford, NJ, buzz with an energy that only a town steeped in history and modern allure can exude. Amongst this dynamic backdrop, Tori and Dennis’s engagement session began, characterized by the genuine laughter and impromptu dance that seems to follow them wherever they go. Starting in front of the Soldato Bookstore, their session was an eclectic mix of literary charm and the spirited pulse of city life—a perfect metaphor for their own blend of interests and passions.

Tori and Dennis share a connection that’s as organic as it is profound. It’s the kind of comfortable love that feels like home, no matter where they are. As we wandered through the heart of Rutherford, their ease with each other and the camera was as natural as the candid moments I’ve been capturing since the day Dennis got down on one knee. With an October wedding on the horizon at the Roundhouse in Beacon, NY, this engagement session was all about celebrating their day-to-day joy and the effortless companionship they share.

Tori & Dennis

Thank you for an incredible session – I had an amazing time hanging out in Rutherford with you two. As you both laugh and dance through life, your engagement session has been a celebration of the everyday moments that you treasure. It was as authentic as your interactions, as relaxed as your strolls down the city blocks, and as delightful as sharing a pizza on a rooftop. Your story is a reminder that the best love is the one that’s lived in the laughter and stories of everyday life.

Thank you for the honor of capturing these moments, for the dance, the smiles, and the pizza shared. I look forward to continuing this adventure with you both in October at the Roundhouse in Beacon, NY

Tori and Dennis’s engagement session in the eclectic heart of Downtown Rutherford was a snapshot of their genuine, down-to-earth love. At Brenna Marie Photography, we celebrate every couple’s unique story with vibrant, candid photography that captures the essence of your relationship. Whether you’re planning a wedding at the Roundhouse in Beacon, NY, or dreaming up your engagement session, get in touch to book a session that honors your authentic connection. Reach out a few months in advance to secure your spot, or inquire about last-minute bookings based on availability, and let’s create memories that are as real and joyful as your love.

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November 14, 2023

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