Fall Cross Estate Gardens Engagement Session, NJ | Jess & Tyler

Fall Cross Estate Gardens Engagement photos Maryland Wedding Photographer

Set the Scene: A Cozy Fall evening at Cross Estate Gardens, NJ

As the autumn leaves painted Cross Estate Gardens in a tapestry of golds and reds, Jess and Tyler celebrated their love in a beautiful engagement session. Having known Jess since childhood, capturing their engagement was not just a photography session for me, but a joyous walk down memory lane. Their session, marked by laughter and easy chemistry, was a testament to their strong bond. It was my second time photographing them, and their love and comfort with each other in front of the camera made the session an absolute delight. Their playful interactions and tender moments captured the essence of their relationship perfectly.

Halfway through the session, Jess and Tyler changed outfits, adding variety and a fresh dynamic to their photos. This is something I always encourage for engagement sessions. Here’s why:

Versatility: Two outfits allow for a range of styles – one can be casual, and the other more formal. This variety adds depth to your photo album, giving you more options for different uses.

Reflects Your Personality: Multiple outfits let you express different facets of your personalities and relationship.

Adapts to Location: Different outfits can complement the changing backdrops within a location, especially in a place as diverse as Cross Estate Gardens.

Comfort and Fun: An outfit change can be a fun break, especially if one set is more relaxed, making you feel more comfortable and spontaneous during the shoot.

The Proposal
Tyler’s proposal to Jess was like a scene from a fairytale, set against the historic and enchanting backdrop of Ballysaggartmore Towers. Their end-of-summer vacation turned into a beautiful new beginning for their relationship. The photos she shared on her Instagram of the moment are gorgeous!

Jess and Tyler,
It’s always a blast hanging out with you two! I loved capturing your story just as much as last time and am honored to have been a part of this chapter in your lives. I had so much fun with you during your engagement session and admire how photogenic both of you are! Congratulations on your engagement, and here’s to the beautiful future that lies ahead! <3

Engagement photography at New Jersey’s Cross Estate Gardens offers couples a stunning backdrop of natural beauty. As a seasoned Maryland photographer specializing in engagement sessions, I aim to capture the unique story of each couple. Jess and Tyler’s session, enriched by the autumn scenery and their genuine connection, exemplifies the magic that can be captured in a natural setting.
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November 28, 2023

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