Winter Museum Session, The MET NYC | Mikayla and Elijah

Set the Scene: A scenic Sunday morning at the MET

Mikayla and Elijah’s session is such a unique one! The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a perfect location for an engagement session because of the variety of art, architecture and beauty each room holds. When these two shared that they wanted to have their engagement photos taken at the MET I can’t even tell you guys how excited I was! When I think of the MET I always remember the trips I took there and to other museums in my college days for art history classes. I haven’t been here since studying Interior Design in college so it felt like a full circle moment being here now after doing a 180 from being in the Architecture industry to now being a Wedding Photographer! Enough about me though – Mikayla and Elijah are the type of couple that are so fun and calming to be around, and not once did it feel like I was 3rd wheeling them. They were also SO much fun to photograph! <3

We started their session on the 2nd floor of the MET with the view of grand ceilings, amazing architecture, and behind this the entry to the European Paintings! From here we made our way through the European Painting Gallery and stopped in a few areas to soak in the art and capture some cute moments of this photogenic couple. One of my favorite photos of them, besides all of them, is the photo of Mikayla laying on Elijah. While I was taking this photo I overheard a guest walking by whisper, “omg they are so cute.” ❤️ Which I’m now realizing I don’t think I shared with the couple! We ventured through just about all of the rooms in the museum which I didn’t think we would have time to do! These two are so sweet and the perfect pair, I just loved photographing these moments for them!!

Their Love Story:

Mikayla and Elijah met in high school and are high school sweethearts! They were on the same track team and started dating their senior year. Though they went to different colleges, an hour of travel to see each other was nothing and they stayed together throughout their college days. Once graduation came, Elijah knew his goal was to move to NYC to work in finance so Mikayla applied to PT grad schools in the city so they could finally move in together. Once summer 2020 hit, these two started their next chapter and took on NYC together. YAY!!!!

When I asked Mikayla to share the story of how Elijah proposed, she happily shared with me, “Elijah proposed to me on the rooftop of the William Vale hotel in Brooklyn under the guise of meeting our friends for brunch one Saturday morning in May of this year.  We then did actually meet all our closest friends for brunch afterwards to celebrate and spend the day hopping around Brooklyn and drinking lots of champagne!  Despite having been together for almost 8 years I was completely surprised.  I had a feeling it was going to happen this year but had not expected it on that day.  I loved that we were able to have a fully private moment (the rooftop hadn’t opened to the public yet that morning) but then be surrounded by our friends the rest of the day!” The photos from their proposal are GORGEOUS!!!

Mikayla and Elijah

Thank you for being amazing in front of the camera! I loved getting to explore The MET with you two and see so much beautiful art! I’m soso excited to celebrate your love again this September at Oyster Point Hotel! Congratulations!!!<3

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February 14, 2024

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