Spring 2023 Rutgers University Senior Graduation Session, NJ | Hannah

Set the Scene: Scarlet Pride and Future Strides at Rutgers University

In the heart of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, amidst the blossoming trees and historic halls, Hannah celebrated her graduation. It was a day where scarlet pride met personal milestones, and the sprawling campus turned into a canvas capturing the end of one chapter and the exciting commencement of another.

Hannah, an exercise science scholar with a focus on health administration, wasn’t just walking away with a diploma—she was stepping confidently towards a future adorned with the prestigious title of Doctor of Physical Therapy from Duke University. Her session was imbued with a sense of accomplishment, a tribute to her hard work, and her family’s unwavering support. As we moved through the storied Rutgers grounds, every snapshot was a testament to Hannah’s journey. There were moments of reflection, bursts of laughter, and familial embraces that highlighted the collective joy of her achievement. Tylor, Hannah’s cornerstone, though absent in person due to spring football commitments, made a special appearance via FaceTime, adding a digital twist to the celebration.

Amidst the festivity, there was a heartfelt homage to Hannah’s pop pop, whose belief in her dreams was as strong as it was silent. We captured moments that were close to Hannah’s heart, where the spirit of her beloved pop pop could be felt, watching over her with pride and love.


As you move on to Duke University, remember this day at Rutgers—your hard work, your loved ones cheering you on, and the country girl spirit that keeps you grounded. Congratulations, Hannah! Here’s to the next steps on your incredible journey, where every patient met is a life touched by your care and expertise.

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June 7, 2023

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