Spring 2022 Kean University Senior Graduation Session, NJ | Delta Phi Epsilon

Set the Scene: A celebratory spring sunrise at Kean University

Under the soft glow of a springtime sunrise, the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon gathered at Kean University, a scene blossoming with the vibrance of their purple and gold. These remarkable young women, poised at the culmination of their collegiate journey, were surrounded by the blossoming gardens and iconic landmarks of the campus that had been their home away from home.

Sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon

With hearts as full as their honors cords, the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon stood together, a testament to the unity and empowerment that had characterized their time at Kean. Each smile, each shared glance, spoke volumes of the memories made and the bonds that would outlast their time within these university walls.

As you each step forward into the next chapter of your lives, remember the foundation of sisterhood that has shaped your university experience. Your time at Kean has been marked by growth, leadership, and a commitment to the greater good. May your futures be as bright and bold as the legacy you leave behind, and may you always carry the spirit of Delta Phi Epsilon in your hearts. YITS!! <3

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June 29, 2022

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