Summer Rooftop Pre-Wedding Mini Session, NJ | Caisy & George


Set the scene: A warm August evening on a rooftop parking garage.

High above the humdrum of the everyday, atop a city rooftop under the cloak of night, Caisy and George turned a simple photoshoot into an epic prelude to their wedding. Bathed in the glow of a direct flash, they were anything but conventional, with Caisy rocking a white veil and white heart sunglasses and George, ever the charismatic partner, matching her every step.

When you’ve got a duo like Caisy and George, who live and breathe the art of performance, you don’t just get a photoshoot—you get a full-blown experience. They’re the kind of people who bring a sense of occasion to the most casual hangout, making even a Tuesday night feel like a Saturday. With their wedding just around the corner, we didn’t need the usual poses; we needed something that captured their spirit—unrehearsed and brimming with personality.

This shoot was all about celebrating Caisy and George in their element—raw and real. Caisy, with her custom leather “Till Death Do Us Part” jacket (created by Chain Stitch by Erica), and George, with his quick-fire humor, proved you don’t need sunshine or elaborate setups for memorable engagement photos. You just need a couple who’s ready to be themselves, and a photographer who’s basically family.

We planned for the classic champagne pop, envisioning a burst of fizz and cheer to wrap up the night. Instead, we got a twist—life’s way of reminding us that the best moments can’t be planned. The bottle had its own ideas, so we ended the night laughing uncontrollably at the champagne pop gone wrong photos we ended up with.

Caisy and George
Thank you for ALWAYS being down to jump in front of my camera and being amazing at it! Your relationship is as much about the spontaneous moments as the milestones. This session wasn’t just another gig for me; it was a chance to capture the unrestrained joy of two people who are stars in their own right. Here’s to the countdown to your big day—may it be as full of life and surprises as you both are.

In a cityscape turned playground, Caisy and George’s engagement session was a celebration of the authentic and the spontaneous, captured through Brenna Marie Photography’s candid lens. For those who live out loud and love without scripts, I’m here to capture it all. If you’re looking for a photographer who gets you, who laughs with you, and who’s ready to document your real story—flaws, fizz, and all—let’s talk. Your journey deserves to be remembered just as it unfolds. Reach out to ensure your moments are captured with heart and soul, and let’s make some memories.

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September 16, 2023

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